Town Clerk

2020 Election Information:

Presidential Primary: March 3, 2020

Town Election: March 30, 2020

Town Meeting: May 4, 2020

State Primary: September 1, 2020

State Election: November 3, 2020

Department Overview

The Office of the Town Clerk, operated by the Town Clerk who is elected to a three-year term by the citizens of Medfield, is responsible for the

  • Administration of fair and accurate elections
  • Maintenance of factual public records
  • Registration of Town voters

The Town Clerk's functions, mandated by the Federal and State statues and Town By-Laws, also include the recording of the actions of the Town's legislative branch (Town Meeting). 

Additional Responsibilities

The Department's responsibilities also include secretarial duties for the Board of Registrars. The principal duties of the office are to maintain factual public records and to administer fair and accurate elections.

The Medfield Town Clerk holds the rank of department head. In addition to her general duties as Town Clerk, she also serves as the Clerk for the Board of Registrars of Voters. State law provides that the Town Clerk is the official keeper of the Town Seal and the Town's Oaths of Office. The Town Clerk is also a Justice of the Peace and, as a result, has the authority to perform civil marriage ceremonies. She is also a Notary Public and have the authority to notarize documents signed in their presence.