Transfer Station Sticker Information

An MTS Sticker is required to use the Medfield Transfer Station at 123 North Meadows Road. You can apply for a permit in person at the Town House, you can mail your application into the Town House or new this year you can apply online. 

For all applications you will need to have a valid registration for the vehicle(s) you wish to permit. If this a leased vehicle you will also need a copy of your insurance certificate stating your vehicle is principally garaged in Medfield.* 

All stickers should be placed in the bottom of the drivers side windshield for the MTS attendants to view. 

Cost of the two (2) year sticker for 2019-2021 is the following:

First Vehicle $100
Second Vehicle $25 (Additional)
Third Vehicle $25 (Additional)
Fourth Vehicle $25 (Additional)

How to Apply:

In Person at the Medfield Town House

You can download an application, complete it and bring to the Medfield Town House, 459 Main Street. Please bring your registration for the vehicle(s). We are only able to accept cash and check in person at Town House.  

In Person/Mail In Application 

Mail in Application 

Please mail in your application with a copy of all necessary vehicle registrations, insurance information if it is a leased vehicle, as well as a check made out to the Town of Medfield. 

In Person/Mail In Application 


Online Application 

You can now apply online for a MTS Sticker online! You will need to upload a copy of your registration and pay by credit card. Please allow for 5-7 business days to receive your sticker in the mail. 

Online Application

The Town utilizes UniBank for our online transactions and they charge the following convenience fees for:

If you are paying by an ACH transfer, the cost is 25 cents.
If you are paying by credit card, the cost is $5.00.
If you are paying by debit card, the cost is $3.95.

*Indicating that your leased vehicle is principally garaged in Medfield ensures that the excise tax you pay for the vehicle is received in the Town of Medfield.