Tax Collector

Motor Vehicle Excise Tax bills will be mailed beginning of Feb 2018

Motor Vehicle Excise bills will be mailed during the first week in February 2018.  The Registry of Motor Vehicles ISSUES THESE BILLS.  Please be on the lookout for them in your mailbox.  Additionally, please use the town's online banking system, UNIBANK, for prompt payment of your excise tax bills.  Its safe, convenient and costs only 25 cents.  

Department Overview

The offices of the Treasurer and Tax Collector, formerly elected separately, were combined by a vote to change the Town Charter in 1990. This position is now appointed to a three year term by the Board of Selectmen.

Collector's Department

The Collector's department collects and accounts for all monies as billed: real estate, personal, and motor vehicle excise taxes, water and sewer charges. This office places liens on property for unpaid bills and may put property in tax title for nonpayment of taxes. Lien Certificates are issued upon request and abated accounts credited.

Treasurer's Office

The Treasurer's Office is charges with overseeing all town money: receipts from local, state and federal sources. Bills for town expenses are paid by this office after approval by department heads, the Town Accountant, and the Board of Selectmen. The office is also responsible for employee's payroll and withholding, borrowing and investing funds and has authority to auction tax title property for redemption of back taxes.