Medfield Outreach Advisory Board

Medfield Outreach Advisory Board

The Medfield Outreach Advisory Board is authorized by the Medfield Board of Selectmen and will serve to advise the Medfield Outreach department. 

The Advisory Board is created as a standing committee for the purpose of working with Medfield Outreach staff. The Board shall limit its activities to advising on matters that directly concern the department programs and advocacy efforts. The Board shall have no legal or financial responsibilities and is formed to give advice and recommendations to the staff. It cannot compel the staff to act on its recommendations or feedback.

Current Advisory Board Members

Molly Frankel, JD, Board Chair
Kathleen Thompson, MSN, School Nurse Leader, Medfield Public Schools, Board of Health, Board Member
Michelle Manganello, Detective, Medfield Police Department, Board Member
Kathleen Cahill, Accountant, Co-Coordinator of Medfield Helping Hands, Board Member
Kate Thomas, Owner, Registered Dietician, Karuna: Nutrition + Movement, Board Member
Abby Bligh, Medfield High School Student, Associate Member

Advisory Board Meetings

The Medfield Outreach Advisory Board meets on the first Monday of the month from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Please contact our office for details.