Town Finance

The annual budget process is one of the most important tasks that Medfield faces. The resources on this page are here to help residents learn more about the basics of budgeting in Medfield and to inform residents how they can be involved in the process. 

Budget Process

The annual budget process begins in the fall when the Town Administrator begins discussions and forecasting with departments. This helps set expectations for the upcoming fiscal year. The Board of Selectmen, through the Town Administrator, are responsible for developing the budget for Town Departments and for submitting it to the Warrant Committee for review. The Warrant Committee will hold meetings with departments, typically beginning in January of each year, to discuss budget requests in detail prior to making its recommendation for Town Meeting. The School Committee and Superintendent develop the Medfield Public Schools budget. 

Medfield’s budgetary decision-making is guided by the Town’s adopted Financial Policies, which is designed to keep Medfield in strong financial shape for future generations. 

The Fiscal Year 2022 (July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022) Budget is in progress through the Board of Selectmen, Warrant Committee, and School Committee.

FY2023 Budget

Information about the FY2023 Budget can be found here

FY2022 Budget

The FY2022 Budget, as approved at the 2021 Annual Town Meeting, can be found at this link. The FY2022 Capital Budget can be found at this link. The FY2022 Medfield Public Schools budget can be found at this link: