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Medfield Council on Aging Tax Work-Off Program Abbreviated Season June 2021

The ongoing Tax Work-Off Program administered by the Council on Aging will be accepting applications starting on May 3, 2021 with the deadline for submission by May 18, 2021. Since we will only have 30 available positions a lottery is expected. Names will be drawn at the COA board meeting on Wednesday, May 19, 2021. Participants will be able to start their hours immediately.


The town voted in 2018 to increase the benefit for Tax Work-off volunteers to allow persons over 60 to receive a reduction in their real estate tax obligation in the amount of $1000.00 per fiscal year in exchange for volunteering 78 hours in various town departments. However, due to the pandemic, this will be a shortened time period. The reduction will be $500.00 in exchange for volunteering 37 hours to be completed by October 15th.


The exemption is taxable as Federal wages. The applicant will receive a W-2 for income earned less OBRA, Medicare and applicable taxes. However, they will not receive a paycheck; the net amount earned will be credited to the applicant’s third and fourth quarter real estate tax bills, as a reduction in taxes.


The senior will need the W-2 to submit with their tax forms. The (OBRA) deduction is in lieu of a social security deduction and is mandatory. However, the applicant can file to get this money returned to them only if they do not intend to participate in the future.


If the applicant previously filled out the payroll tax forms, they will not need to fill out the paperwork again. New applicants will be required to fill out the forms in order to participate in the program.


We are grateful that the Town continues to support the program particularly in these difficult times.


The Senior Tax Work-Off program has been successful in many ways, making it a win-win situation for the senior, the department, and the town by the following:


  1. Offering seniors the chance to reduce their tax obligation.
  2. Workloads within many Town departments are reduced because they are staffed with skilled, dependable senior volunteers.
  3. Allows seniors the chance to put their skills to good use.
  4. Assists some seniors with opportunities for socialization and a sense of purpose. 

This is a reminder that the applications will be available beginning Monday May 3, 2021 and should be returned to the COA by Tuesday May 18, 2021. If applications exceed the 30-person limit, a lottery will be held on Wednesday May 19, 2021 during a special COA board meeting,

Aging and Memory Loss Road Map Education Series 

Are you or a loved one concerned about memory loss or dementia? Has someone you know recently been diagnosed with dementia? Did you know that you could participate in a clinical research trial? Sign up for these monthly webinars and learn from the experts from Mass General Brigham. For questions or to register call the Sherborn COA at 508-651-7858 or email Hosted by Sherborn, Dover, Natick and Medfield Council on Aging 

Tuesday, April 20 at 11–12 noon: Road Map to Dementia Diagnosis 

Tuesday, May 18 at 11-12 noon: Road Map to Research Participation 

Tuesday, June 15 at 11-12 noon: Road Map to Caregiving 

Tuesday, July 20 at 11-12 noon: Road Map to Prevention

FOSI Yard Sale 

So many events have been cancelled over the past 10 months, including the annual FOSI Yard Sale. The April 2021 sale is uncertain at this time. However, FOSI has been holding a “Virtual” Yard Sale and items have been flying out the door. Donations of items that can be easily be carried in and out are being accepted to support this on-line event. Simply call the Center and schedule a time to drop off your tax-deductible donation. The next few months may be a great time to do early spring-cleaning. Support FOSI by donating those gently used, unwanted items. FOSI supports the Center and the programs. Check out our page 

Joining a ZOOM Call

Heard of Zoom but not sure how to participate in a Zoom call?  Here is a short video to get you started.

ZOOM: One-on-One Instruction

Calling All Seniors Who Want to Learn How to Zoom! We want to know if you have a computer, I pad, I phone or laptop. Please call the Center and provide your email and device information. The Center will be holding one-on-one instruction on How to Zoom. If you have one of these, we can help you to Zoom so that you can participate in more programming at home. If you have a desk-top computer with a camera, we can help over the phone to get you on the Zoom platform. Simply call the Center at 508-359-3665 to schedule a convenient time. It is easier than you think!

Scheduled Zoom/Conference Call Activities 

(If joining by conference call, dial 1-978-990-5000 Access Code is 859729# )

MONDAY AT 12:30 PM - WEEKEND IN REVIEW. Join Peter Burke via conference call discussion on the latest sports, news and local happenings. Grab a sandwich and enjoy lunch and conversation! Call1-978-990-5000 Access Code is 859729#

TUESDAY AND FRIDAY AT 11:30 AM – CONFERENCE CALL BINGO - 2 cards are provided to all players and end of month winners 1st and 2nd place receive FOSI jackpot prizes! 

THURSDAY AT 10:30 AM- HOW WOULD YOU HANDLE IT? Join Lisa on Zoom and discuss different situations and how YOU would handle it. No answer is wrong! 

THURSDAY AT 2:00 PM– Join our AUDIO BOOK CLUB with host, Susan Bernstein. Enjoy a half hour read followed by a group discussion.

MA Circuit Breaker Tax Credit

The Massachusetts Circuit Breaker tax credit is a refundable credit for senior citizens based on the real estate taxes paid on Massachusetts property owned/rented and used as the primary residence. Maximum credit allowed for the tax year is $1,130. The following are eligible for the tax credit:  

  • MA residents age 65 or older by December 31 of the taxable year  
  • MA return must be filed with the Senior Circuit Breaker Credit attached  
  • MA property must be owned/rented and occupied as primary home                           Massachusetts income not more than:  
  • $60,000 for Single  
  • $75,000 for Head of Household  
  • $90,000 for Married filing Joint (married filing separate does not qualify for the credit)                                          

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