What are the zoning requirements regarding sheds?

Section 300-6.2 K Medfield Zoning Bylaws:

Generally, if the shed is no bigger than 10'x15' and is not higher than 12', it shall be 

  • not less than 60' from the road in the back yard
  • 20' from the rear lot line
  • 12' from the side lot line.

From the Medfield Zoning Bylaw

300-6.2 K  In any R District, permitted accessory buildings shall conform to the following provisions: They shall be not less than 60 feet from any street lot line, except for a garage on a corner lot, which shall be set back at least the same distance as the front yard setback for the adjacent lot; and they shall be set back from side and rear lot lines at least the distance specified in the Table of Area Regulations, provided that one accessory structure that will not exceed 15 feet by 10 feet, and not exceeding 12 feet in height, shall be allowed to be located in the rear yard with a setback to the rear lot line of no less than 20 feet and side lot line of no less than 12 feet.

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