Applicants for Clark Tavern have requested a continuance

Date : 13-Nov-13

Category : Land and Property

Department : Zoning Board of Appeals

Type : Announcements

Please be advised that the applicants for Clark Tavern have requested a continuance to an upcoming ZBA meeting:

                Email from Atty. Cannon:

“Given the traffic concerns raised at the Planning Board meeting, and the fact that applicants’ traffic study will not be complete by tomorrow, they would like to request that the ZBA hearing be continued until the next hearing date.  It just seems to make the most sense to have the traffic study completed in advance of the meeting so we’re not wasting everyone’s time.  Please let me know if you need anything further from me to request the continuance.  If not, please let me know the date and time for the next ZBA meeting after tomorrow. (email 11/12/13)

The ZBA must vote to approve this request at their meeting tomorrow night as well as continue the hearing to a time and date certain. Based on this request, no testimony in support or opposition to the application will be taken at tomorrow’s meeting. It will be purely administrative and it is your decision if you wish to attend, but you will not be allowed to speak to the matter. I will send another email indicating the next date for the public hearing. Your written comments have been distributed to Board members.