Board of Assessors


2016 Tax Rate:  $16.75

2016 Property Values

2016 Tax Rate History

Excise Tax Abatement Application


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Board Members  

Thomas V. Sweeney Jr.,  Chairman
Francis J. Perry III, Clerk
Edward R. Beard, Third Member


Yvonne Remillard RMA, MAA - Principal Assessor - 508-906-3016
Donna O'Neill, Senior Admin. Assistant - 508-906-3014
Kathy Mills, Admin. Assistant - 508-906-3015

To contact the department please dial one of the above listed numbers, or click here to email.

Department Overview
The primary function of the Assessors is to inventory all property in the town, to maintain accurate records as to location and ownership and to provide equitable assessments on all real and personal property.  The part time Board makes the policy for the department in accordance with the statues and my hire outside consultants to assist with the task of bringing all property to full and fair cash value periodically.  Currently state law requires that a revaluation be completed every three years.

The tax rate is established by the Board after Town Meeting has appropriated funds required for the necessary services, capital expenses and equipment.  This amount, adjusted by other income and expenses referred to in the above specification, is then divided by the total valuation of real and personal property for the tax rate.  The rate is also subject to those limitations established under Proposition 2 1/2.

Taxpayer dissatisfied with their assessed valuation may appeal via an abatement procedure in which they may request a review to determine the accuracy of the data.  If dissatisfied with the response they may appeal to the Appellate Tax Board.  The Board also administers statutory exemptions on real estate taxes, and has jurisdiction over motor vehicle excise tax commitments and abatements.

The part time Board consists of three members who are elected.  The Board annually appoints Assistant Assessors to carry out the department policies on a day to day basis.