Medfield Energy Committee

In 2008, the Medfield Board of Selectmen appointed an Energy Committee to look, first and foremost, at the Town's energy use, and secondly, at the energy use of Town residents and businesses to see if the Town and its residents/businesses could save money and improve the environment, through the more efficent use of energy resources. In addition the Board of Selectmen recognizes the responsbility of each and every individual to do his/her part in reducing energy consumption and/or reducing potentially harmful emissions as part of a national energy conservation effort.

For a complete copy of the Committee's Charge please click here.


Contact Information:
Medfield Energy Committee
459 Main Street
Medfield, MA 02052
E-mail: MedfieldEnergyCommittee

Lee Alinsky
Fred Bunger
Penni Conner
Fred Davis
Cynthia Greene
Charles Kellner
Marie Nolan
Emre Schveighoffer
Michael J. Sullivan, Ex Officio
Osler P. Peterson, Ex Officio