Veteran Services

Veteran Service Officer          Ron Griffin

Contact                                       508-906-3025


                                                  Hours of Availability

 Town Hall                             Monday           1 PM to 4 PM

                                                Thursday         1 PM to 4 PM


Medfield Senior Center      By Appointment (dates vary, consult COA Newsletter) or

Call 508-359-3665 or use appointment sheet at the COA


In the Community                   By Appointment


The Veteran Service Officer (VSO) is a part time employee of the Town of Medfield that supports our in community veterans and their families. This is accomplished by providing information on the many programs available to Veterans and their families and assisting them in obtaining those benefits.

Within the community Veteran Services accepts responsibilities that enrich citizen awareness of the history, sacrifice and accomplishments of our nations veterans.

While the VSO is not an agent of the Veterans Administration, the VSO can assist in the application and explanation of Federal Veteran benefits. 

The VSO does act as an agent of the Massachusetts Department of Veteran Services.  In that capacity the VSO can assist and advocate for Veterans as well as their families in obtaining State provided Veteran benefits.  

The VSO coordinates and implements through the Town of Medfield, benefit payments approved by the State of Massachusetts for Chapter 115 benefits.

The VSO in cooperation with the Director of Graves Markers insures Veterans located at Vine Lake Cemetery are honored with flags and Flag markers.  The VSO maintains a registry of Veteran Graves.