Town Clerk

The 2022 Town Census was mailed out the last week in December 2021 and included the 2022 DOG LICENSE APPLICATION 

AFTER JULY 1, 2022, to obtain a dog license, you need the current vaccination information, the fee is $10 + $125 LATE FEE (payable to the Town of Medfield), and a self -addressed stamped envelope. 

All unlicensed dog information, after July 1st, will be forward to the animal control officer for violations to be issued.  

PLEASE NOTE: If your dog is deceased or has moved, you need to alert the Town Clerk's office.  You may call Marion Bonoldi at 508-906-3024 or email   Please give your address and name. 

The Annual Town Election will be held on Monday, March 28, 2022

The following positions are open for nomination:

One Selectman for a term of three years

 A Moderator for a term of one year

One Assessor for a term of three years

Two School Committee members for a term of three years 

Two Library Trustees for a term of three years

One Planning Board member for a term of five years 

Two Park Commissioner for a term of three years 

One Housing Authority member for a term of three years 

One Trust Fund Commissioner for a term of three years 

Nomination papers are available at the Town Clerk’s Office (1st floor of Town Hall).  Nomination papers require 50 signatures of Medfield registered voters per candidate and are due back to the Town Clerk’s office by February 7, 2022 at 4:30 pm.

If you have a request for a Birth, Death or Marriage certificate, please print the form (to the left) and mail the request to the Town Clerk or you may use the dropbox at the back of Town Hall with a $10 check, payable to the Town of Medfield. 

If you are interested in a marriage intention for a marriage license, please email Marion Bonoldi at or call 508-906-3024. 

Department Overview

The Office of the Town Clerk, operated by the Town Clerk who is elected to a three-year term by the citizens of Medfield, is responsible for the

  • Administration of fair and accurate elections
  • Maintenance of factual public records
  • Registration of Town voters

The Town Clerk’s functions, mandated by the Federal and State statues and Town By-Laws, also include the recording of the actions of the Town’s legislative branch (Town Meeting). 

Additional Responsibilities

The principal duties of the office are to maintain factual public records and to administer fair and accurate elections.

The Medfield Town Clerk holds the rank of department head. In addition to the general duties as Town Clerk, the Clerk serves as the Clerk for the Board of Registrars of Voters. State law provides that the Town Clerk is the official keeper of the Town Seal and the Town’s Oaths of Office. 

The  Town Clerk, Marion Bonoldi, is a Notary Public and a Justice of the Peace. If you need something notarize, please call 508-906-3024 or email to make an appointment.  If you need a Justice of the Peace, please call 508-906-3024 or email to receive more information.