Food Waste Drop Off and Composting


According to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), food waste is 20% of trash by weight. We can turn this waste into a valuable resource, compost, which can improve the nutrient value of soil through composting programs.  Composting food waste can be less expensive than hauling and incinerating food waste in our trash.

The Town of Medfield provides a variety of food waste composting alternatives to residents.

Food Waste Drop-Off at the Transfer Station
Large green barrels are set-up to the right of the tip floor.  These barrels collect vegetable and fruit scraps, as well as meat, fish, bones, dairy and cooked food.  Yard waste should be placed behind the Transfer Station building. Food waste composting at the Transfer Station should be the choice of residents who do not own a backyard composter, those who do not use their backyard composter year-round, or those who have more than vegetable and fruit scraps to dispose of.  Only FOOD and compostable liners can be placed in the barrels.

For detailed information about Food Waste Drop-Off at the MTS  click here

Backyard Composting
Composting in your backyard is another great alternative.  Vegetable and fruit scraps, as well as yard waste can be backyard composted.  Those who backyard compost can use the green barrels at the Transfer Station for meat, fish, bones, dairy, items that cannot be composted at home.

For more information from the Mass DEP website on composting at home.

You can purchase a backyard composter at many retail locations. Alternatively, Medfield residents can contact the Transfer Station and Recycling Committee with subject line “Compost Bin” at to check next availability of Earth Machine Backyard Composters ($35, tax included).