Sewer Smoke Testing - November 2020

Beginning Tuesday, November 10, 2020 the Town will be conducting sewer smoke testing through its consultants Woodard and Curran and EST. Two areas in Medfield are the subject of the testing (see map below). EST will drop flyers at all homes in the testing areas. 

WHAT:  Non-toxic and non-staining smoke will be introduced into the sanitary sewer system to detect connections to the storm water drainage system. Work will follow the State and Local COVID-19 Guidelines. 

WHERE: Smoke testing will be conducted on your street and surrounding area.  No entry into your residence will be required. 

WHEN: Field crews will be on your street within the next week to perform this test. The hours for testing are between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, beginning Tuesday, November 10 through Friday, November 20. Note: Tests will only occur in dry weather and could be delayed for 24 to 72 hours due to rain. 

WHY: This project is part of the Town’s long-term efforts to identify connections between the sanitary sewer system and storm water drainage. These connections can add unnecessary flow to the sanitary sewer system resulting in additional treatment costs and water pollution.

WHO:  EST Associates, Inc. (Contractor) and Woodard & Curran (W&C) (Engineer) will be walking around your area with company vehicles and yellow safety vests. A Medfield Police detail will be on site as well. 

Impact on Area:  There is no anticipation of disruption to your sewer service during these tests. Smoke may billow out of area drains, catch basins, roof leaders, and house plumbing stacks.   Residents are encouraged to fill any unused plumbing traps (for example, a basement toilet/sink not used frequently) with water. 

Contacts:   If you have any special needs, deliveries, concerns, or questions, contact:

  • EST Associates: 781-455-0003
  • Kellie Messer at Woodard & Curran: 978-494-6807
  • DPW Director Maurice Goulet at 508-906-3003 or