School Project Subcommittee


Below is a compilation of fact documents that the Warrant Committee used to evaluate the school project warrant article for the November 2021 Special Town Meeting. The list not only contains specific documents about the project itself but also includes information on related issues. The selection of these related issues was largely based on feedback and questions from the public at the time and made available to all residents to make an informed decision.  It represents a historical record and resource and accordingly will not be updated.  For information and documents relating to any new school project please visit the school building committee website. 

For additional information on the Warrant Committee's work please reference our meeting minutes and videos.

Please note that some of the documents linked below are large files and may take a few moments to load. If you are having trouble accessing any information on this page, please contact us at

- Sharon Tatro, Warrant Committee Chair

Process: Where we are now and how we got here

Special Town Meeting, November 7, 2021

Summary Presentations from October 14, 2021 Meeting

MSBA and SBC Process

 Educational Program

Design Alternatives

Site Selection

Final Design of Preferred Option – 9/8/21

Related Issues

Special Town Meeting 

 Financial Review

Water and Sewer


Sidewalks and Busing

 Parks and Recreation

 School Project Comparisons

Medfield State Hospital

Town Wide Master Plan

 Sustainability and Net Zero

 Wheelock Site: History

ME3164-150a Arch Protect District Map

District and Professional Team Responses May 22

  • This doc references questions on the Environment site on pages 10-11.  The other future reports referenced there can be found here:
    • Preferred Schematic Report – 12/23/20
    • Geo-environmental reports for Wheelock sites are included in the PSR document as appendices G (Wheelock).  
    • There is a summary of these issues in PSR document page number 14 (Wheelock). Details are in appendices referenced above.

 Dale and Pfaff Sites: History

Projected Costs of Capital in Medfield