What is HHWD?

Household Hazardous Waste Day is a special collections event hosted by the DPW to coordinate the proper disposal of hazardous materials such as oil-based paints, chemicals, or pesticides. These collections are special events since these items require proper identification and handling to comply with state and federal disposal regulations.

What qualifies as hazardous waste? 

Accepted Materials

Aerosol Paints

Mercury-containing Devices


Bug Sprays

Oil, Enamel, or Lead-based Paints 

Drain Cleaners

Caustic Cleaners/Degreasers

Old Gasoline/ Kerosene

Oven Cleaners

Cleaning Solvents

Paint Thinners

Fluorescent Bulbs

Concentrated Fertilizers


1+20 LB Propane Tanks

Diesel Oil

Photo Chemicals

Car Batteries


Pool and Spa Chemicals

Furniture Polish



Driveway Sealer

Rodent Poisons

Weed killers

*Please note that latex paint is not a hazardous materials. The paint cans can be dried out and brought to the Transfer Station with the lids off at any time. 

What does not qualify as hazardous waste? 

Materials Not Accepted 

Radioactive Waste (including radioactive type smoke detectors which batteries can be removed and disposed of in the trash) 
Flares, Ammunition
PBC Oils 
Bulk Chemicals / Oil
Commercial & Industrial Waste 
Yard Waste 
Medical / Biological Waste

*Please note that medical sharps cannot be disposed of at this event or the Transfer Station. These items are accepted at the Public Safety Building in a sealed container that is puncture and leak proof. They should not be placed in glass, paper, or plastic bags. 

What is the process at the event? 

You can simply pack any waste in boxes in your trunk and head down to the Town Garage at 55 North Meadows Road. Please be sure not to mix any chemicals and remain in your vehicle during the event. Upon arrival have your license ready for proof of Medfield residency. Professionals will dispose of all items from your vehicle and you can be on your way. For the safety of all guests, please remember no smoking at this event. 

What if I can't make Medfield's HHWD? 

We coordinate with a group of local towns to facilitate safe disposal of hazardous materials. Each Town has scheduled collection events when residents can bring in their hazardous waste items for disposal. While each Town might vary slightly in their collections, you can call the DPW at 508-906-3004 to clarify any questions and receive a Visitor Authorization Form for the other events. Please check out our page for more information on this partnership. Link

Is there a fee for attending the event? 

No, all costs are covered by the Town for this event.

Do I have to have a Transfer Station sticker to attend? 

No, this event is open to all Medfield residents. Please be sure to bring your license for proof of residency, or Visitor Authorization Form if you are a member of a neighboring Town.