Town Moderator

Scott F. McDermott
Term Ends: March 26, 2023

Section 2-4 of the Town Charter:

The Moderator shall be elected at the regular annual election for a term of one year and he shall preside over the Annual and Special Town Meetings. Within 20 days following his or her election, the Moderator shall appoint a Deputy Moderator to serve as Moderator in the event the Moderator is absent from any Town Meeting. The Moderator shall also make appointments as required of him or her by Bylaw or action of Town Meeting. The Deputy Moderator shall in no event exercise any of the appointive powers granted to the Moderator. The term of the Deputy Moderator shall end at the same time as that of the Moderator. The Moderator and Deputy Moderator shall receive no compensation for their services.

About Scott

Scott has served as Medfield’s Town Moderator since 2003. As Moderator, he has the honor and the responsibility for presiding over the Annual Town Meeting and all Special Town Meetings. Town Meeting constitutes the legislative branch of Medfield’s municipal government and it is open to all registered voters. By charter, the Moderator regulates the proceedings, decide all questions of order, and make public declaration of all votes. 

In addition to conducting the Town Meeting, Medfield’s Moderator is the appointing authority of the nine members of the Warrant Committee.  This important advisory committee has a key role in the legislative, administrative, and financial activities of the Town.  The committee reviews, evaluates, and makes recommendations to the Town Meeting regarding all warrant articles including the annual town operating and capital budgets.  The Warrant Committee fulfills all the duties and responsibilities of a finance committee as stipulated in the Massachusetts General Laws.

Scott is a passionate proponent of direct, democratic participatory self-government – and he orchestrates Medfield’s Town Meeting as a pure, yet imperfect, form of government ‘by and for the people.’ Scott believes Medfield is a special place to call home and speaks often of the opportunity to weave together the fabric of true community.  His wife Kelly has been an active and committed volunteer in Medfield since 1993.   

Professionally, Scott serves business leaders, business owners, and management teams as a trusted advisor, management consultant, and executive coach. Over a 40 year career, Scott has gathered insights and experience as business school professor, corporate lawyer, technology executive, small business investor, consultant, and coach. He has a passion for ‘good to great’ performance improvement, shaping positive and highly effective cultures, driving transformative change, and building great small companies. Scott is graduate of Colby College, Boston College Law School, and a continuous learner through a 35 year association as a professor, lecturer, and program director at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College.

Scott’s volunteer efforts in Medfield include: 

  • Park and Recreation Commissioner (1999-2003).  Scott put a specific emphasis on the quality of playing fields and outdoor recreation.
  • Fire Chief Search Committee Chairperson (2017-2018). The committee recommended the appointment of Chief William Carrico.
  • Town Charter Committee Chairperson (2011-1012). The committee was instrumental in the codification of the Town Charter and modernization of governance procedures.
  • Police Chief Search Committee Chairperson (2006). The committee recommended the appointment of Chief Robert Meaney. 
  • Proud member of the Board of Directors of the Medfield Foundation, MedfieldTV, the Zullo Gallery, and Friends of Medfield Lacrosse.
  • Medfield Youth Basketball Board member and youth basketball Coach (1994-2006).  Scott learned diplomacy and enjoyed colleagueship during the Hatten and Finn administrations. 

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    Scott McDermott

    Town Moderator

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