Townwide Master Planning Committee

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  • Final Reports:

    • Volume I - Presenting the Plan (with Implementation Action Plan)

    • Volume II - Inventory and Assessment of Existing Conditions

    • Volume III - Summary of Public Input

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The Medfield Master Plan was adopted by the Planning Board on October 4, 2021

What to preserve?  

What to change?

Concerns?    Improvements?

Ensure that Medfield’s desirable features are preserved and challenges are addressed.

Photo Credit: Daphne Politis, Community Circle

Join us in a once in a generation opportunity to shape Medfield’s future

What is A Master Plan?

  • A basis for decision-making for future development
  • A process leading to a plan of action based on a town’s shared values and goals
  • A set of priorities for addressing the full range of issues facing a town

 Why Plan?

  • Take stock, review objectives, direction and priorities
  • Examine resource allocation: existing and optimal
  • Last complete plan - 1997
  • Be proactive and affect future decision making
  • Support eligibility for grant programs and public funds
  • An opportunity to tie together existing plans and to integrate planning for the former State Hospital

Medfield last undertook a complete Master Plan in 1997. Usually communities try to update their plans approximately every ten years or so one could safely say that it is time for an update. Many actions have been completed based on the previous Master Plan’s recommendations and conditions have changed. The new Master Plan must address these. A consultant team led by Community Circle has been hired to guide us through this effort. Since municipalities with a current Master Plan have an edge in securing a variety of state and federal grants, it is likely that the Master Plan will pay for itself within a couple of years.

Step 1: Community Conversation

Residents will be invited to a town-wide public forum to discuss their concerns and desires regarding the future of Medfield. Input from this forum, in addition to that of the Committee, town departments, and other local stakeholders will be used to create the vision and set of goals to help achieve the vision. The goals and vision (what the community “wants”) will be used to create a foundation upon which the Master Plan’s recommendations will be built. The community conversation will be continued throughout the process.

Step 2: Inventory and Assessment of Existing Conditions

This part of the planning process will focus on what the community “has,” in the form of an inventory and assessment of existing conditions. These will be examined in terms of housing, economic development, natural and historic resources, open space and recreation, traffic and circulation, land use, population, and public facilities and services.

  • Public Forum #2 - VIRTUAL PUBLIC FORUM #2 via Zoom and Medfield TV, held on June 7, 2020. The purpose of the Forum was to gain Medfield citizen input on the 8 goals and objectives.  Each goal has up to 3 objectives with ideas on strategies on how to achieve them.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments by using THIS form.

Step 3: Implementation Plan

Finally, an implementation plan will be developed outlining the steps necessary to take us from where we are in terms of existing resources (as described in the Inventory) to where we want to go as described in the vision and set of goals developed with stakeholder input.

The Implementation Plan will be comprised of action steps, key responsible parties, possible partners, needed policy changes, and potential funding for implementation.

Public Forum #3 - Sunday, November 8th (coincides with World Town Planning Day!)

Zoom Video of Forum #3 Thank you for your participation!

Forum #3 - Summary


Final Reports:

  • Volume I - Presenting the Plan (with Implementation Action Plan)

  • Volume II - Inventory and Assessment of Existing Conditions

  • Volume III - Summary of Public Input

Let us know if you have any questions or comments by using THIS form.


Plan expected to be finalized by the Committee by December 31, 2020.

Committee Members

Teresa JamesPlanning Board2020
Jessica ReillySchool Committee2020
Mary McCarthyConservation Commission2020
Tom ErbPermanent Planning and Building2020
Roberta LynchCouncil on Aging 2020
Kevin RyderPark and Recreation 2020
William HarveyWater and Sewer Board2020
Michael PastoreWarrant Committee2020
Jay Duncan, ChairmanCitizen at Large2020
Jerry PottsCitizen at Large2020
Philip StashenkoCitizen at Large2020
Laurel ScottiCitizen at Large2020
Sean KayCitizen at Large2020
Cynthia GreeneCitizen at Large2020
Matt TriestCitizen at Large2020
Osler L. PetersonBoard of Selectmen
Sarah Raposa, Ex OfficioTown Planner2020
Kristine Trierweiler, Ex OfficioTown Administrator
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