Town Accountant


The Town Accountant receives, approves, or disapproves departmental requests for payment of goods, services and payroll chargeable to respective appropriations and other accounts. Upon approval, the schedule of bills to be paid is signed by the Selectmen and the Accountant, payables are then processed through the Accountant's office, and finally, issued for payment by the Treasurer.

The Accountant keeps records in accordance with the UMAS system of accounting for general and special revenues, capital projects, trust and enterprise funds. Records include all appropriations, assessments, expenditures, receipts, commitments and abatement of taxes and accounts receivable, town debt, grants and other financial information as required. Statements of appropriated amounts and expenditures made in a fiscal year are prepared and reported to the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, the federal government, and other agencies.

The Town Accountant works closely with other local financial officials and departments regarding financial conditions and issues. The Town Accountant is appointed to a three year term by the Board of Selectmen.