Open Space and Recreation Planning Committee

09/28/2023 Approved OSRP (Final)

05/09/23 Draft plan for review: HERE

05/10/23 Presentation to the Select Board via Medfield TVPresentation (pdf) 

Land Inventory Excel Workbook

3/6/23 OSRPC 5-Minute Survey

The Open Space and Recreation Planning Committee is committed to presenting a plan for open space and recreation that reflects the needs of the community. Medfield is a beautiful town with a lot of green space and recreation opportunities. As we think about what we would like to see for the future, we welcome your feedback on what our priorities should be. This survey will take less than 5 minutes and all responses will remain confidential.

Survey Link: closed (open through 3/31/23)

Forum #2 - February 28, 2023 4:30 - 6:30 pm at Town Hall

Medfield Public Hearing: The Medfield Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee will hold a public hearing on the draft Medfield Open Space and Recreation Plan (2023-2030) at 4:30 PM Tue 2/28/23, Chenery Room, 2nd Floor Medfield Town Hall, 459 Main St, Medfield, MA 

Watch the forum HERE

3/3/23 Draft plan for review: HERE

Medfield Open Space and Recreation Plan Forum

Watch the December 5th forum on Medfield TV's YouTube page HERE

Submit feedback to the OSRPC HERE at any time. 

Medfield and its partners have been very successful and preserving land and developing recreation and trails, most recently the new Medfield Rail Trail.  Town Meeting, our amazing volunteers, and our generous partners have made this possible.

We know, however, that we can do more to make these and future resources available to our residents.

Please join us as we chart our course for the next seven years.


The Board of Selectmen have established an Open Space and Recreation Planning Committee to facilitate and manage a new Open Space and Recreation Plan ("OSRP") for submission to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Conservation Services ("DCS"). The Town's current OSRP has been conditionally approved by DCS, but expires in November 2022 and the Town needs to develop and submit an updated OSRP to DCS.  



  • Planning Board designee: Sarah Raposa, Town Planner (appointed 9/13/22)
  • Conservation Commission member: Cat Scott (appointed 9/13/22) 
  • Parks and Recreation Commission member: Lauren Beitelspacher (appointed 10/11/22)  
  • Member at large: George Lester (appointed 9/13/22) 
  • Member at large: Jerry Potts (appointed 9/13/22) COMMITTEE CHAIR
  • Member at large: Jessica Reilly (appointed 9/13/22) 
  • Member at large: Corinne Schieffer (appointed 9/27/22)

Consultant Team: Plan Sustain LLC