Senior Housing Survey

In early 2018, Medfield’s Board of Selectmen commissioned a survey of senior (55+) households in town.  The purpose of the survey was to give Medfield a clearer sense of the demand for senior housing and the specifics of such housing – size, configuration, features, quantity, pricing, timing, and preferred locations.  This survey was designed to help Medfield plan and act on its senior housing needs.

An earlier survey (completed in 2016-17) was developed by the Senior Housing Committee and formed a solid starting point for this work.  As there are 2,204 senior (55+) households in Medfield, statistical validity and proper representation with that population required about 395 responses.  The earlier survey had 141 responses, whereas the 2018 survey had 695 responses, ensuring higher reliability of feedback for all segments of Medfield’s senior population.