TSARC Recycling Tips

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Each week a Recycling Tip is published in the Hometown Weekly. This page is a compilation of those tips. 

Tip 22

With the busy-ness of the holiday season, it's easy to forget simple but important recycling lessons. Here are top recycling tips to remember when you're "wrapping up" (pun intended!) those last-minute holiday chores:

1.     Keep the planet in mind while wrapping your gifts - limit it to reusable or recyclable wrapping only.

2.     Make it easy for guests to recycle - put out the recycling bin during parties and family gatherings.

3.     Tinsel belongs on the recycling naughty list - stringy decorations create a mess inside recycling facilities. 

4.     Recycle your cardboard - you know, all of those holiday cartons that can make your living room look like a superstore warehouse. 

5.     Choose experiences over products - reduce waste and create memories. 

6.     Shop sustainably - consider brands that use environmentally sourced materials. 

7.     Bring your own shopping bag - or bring plastic bags back to the store for recycling.

8.     Recycle your old gadgets at a local electronic recycling drop-off. 

9.     Rinse your recyclables - get out the icky stuff before tossing it into your bin.

10.  Consider the recycling workers - know what can and cannot be recycled and help prevent potentially dangerous delays or shutdowns at the recycling facility. 

TIP 21

A holiday heads-up from the folks at TSARC: Most wrapping paper cannot be recycled. Shorter fibers in the wrapping paper - along with glitter, harsh dyes and other embellishments - make it a no-no for your recycling bin.

What's an earth-conscious holiday shopper to do? Consider creative alternatives to traditional wrapping paper.

Reusable gift bags and boxes are always an easy choice as is earth-friendly wrapping paper made with soy dyes.

Brown paper bags tied with twine give packages rustic farmhouse charm while newspaper print comics, and magazine pages are fun options.  

There's more . . . turn a clean foil snack bag or coffee bag inside out for a silvery wrap, reuse large envelopes, and large fabric scraps can be used again and again (think Japanese fabric wrapping technique furoshiki). 

 TIP 20

Are you looking for a way to inspire the next generation of earth advocates? Books can help us share a be-kind-to-the-earth message and are always a great gift idea for the holidays. The Transfer Station and Recycling Committee would like to share some of its best-loved titles for younger readers:

  • "Michael Recycle," by Ellie Patterson
  • "What Can You Do with an Old Red Shoe?" by Anna Alter
  • "Kids vs. Plastic: ditch the straw and find the pollution solution to bottles, bags and other single-use plastics: how you can be a waste warrior," a National Geographic book by Julie Beer
  • "Here Comes The Garbage Barge!" by Jonah Winter
  • Old Enough to Save the Planet," by Loll Kirby

You can order these earth-friendly reads at Park Street Books and most book retailers.