Not On Tobacco (N-O-T)

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What is N-O-T? 

N-O-T is a program developed by the American Lung Association to help teens quit vaping and other forms of nicotine use.1 N-O-T is designed as a voluntary program for teens who currently use nicotine and demonstrate motivation to quit. N-O-T is taught by a trained and certified adult facilitator in ten, 50-minute sessions. The program is most effective with small groups of six to ten participants. Throughout sessions, participants will reflect on reasons for nicotine use, identify healthy alternatives to nicotine, and build skills related to stress management, coping, self-control, and interpersonal communication. 

Who is N-O-T for? 

N-O-T is meant for teens (14-19 years of age) who currently use nicotine and want to quit. N-O-T is completely voluntary and should not be used as a punishment for youth caught using nicotine or violating school policy. 

How effective is N-O-T? 

N-O-T has a strong evidence base supporting its effectiveness at helping teens quit or reduce their nicotine use.2 As many as 90 percent of people who participate in N-O-T reduce or quit their nicotine use.3 N-O-T is most effective when it is led with a small group of six to ten participants and when participants are motivated to quit nicotine use, voluntarily engaged in the program, and present at all ten sessions.

How much does N-O-T cost? 

N-O-T is free for all participants. 

What are the session topics for N-O-T? 

Session 1: Reasons for Quitting

Session 2: Why I Smoke/Vape

Session 3: Nicotine Addiction and Triggers

Session 4: Effects of Smoking/Vaping

Session 5: Physical, Psychological and Social Benefits of Quitting

Session 6: Quitting Nicotine Use

Session 7: Overcoming Obstacles to Quitting

Session 8: How to Deal with Stress

Session 9: Myths of Big Tobacco

Session 10: Staying Committed to Quitting

When do N-O-T sessions take place?

Sessions will take place after school. Exact dates and times will be determined once a group of 6-10 high school students have expressed interest in the program. The program will occur on a rotating basis, as needed.

Do participants have to attend every N-O-T session? 

N-O-T is voluntary, and participants may leave the program at any time. Additionally, missing a session does not preclude participants from attending future sessions. However, N-O-T is most effective when participants are able to attend all sessions for the duration of the program.

Is parent/guardian permission required to participate? 

For participants under 18 years of age, parent/guardian permission is required to participate in N-O-T. However, information revealed by participants will not be shared outside of sessions unless (1) the participant gives explicit permission to share the information, or (2) the information leads facilitators to believe that the participant or other individuals are in threat of immediate harm. View the form by clicking here.

Who facilitates N-O-T? 

N-O-T is facilitated by Kyler Groner, certified N-O-T facilitator and Prevention Coordinator at Medfield Outreach. 

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Ready to sign-up for N-O-T? Click here!