Our Memorials

Baxter Park Vietnam Memorial Update

A large number of names to be added and spelling corrections have accumulated over the years. The Committee to Study Memorials is preparing to schedule the task of engraving these corrections on the Vietnam Memorial but wants to be sure there are no further changes required.

While we are focusing on the Vietnam Memorial, any corrections identified to any Baxter Park Memorial will also be corrected. The only known correction at this time is to add one name to the Korean Memorial: Melville John Mills Jr.

Conditions to Add Name to the Vietnam Memorial

There are three conditions that must be met to add a name to the Vietnam Memorial.

  1. Served one day on Active Duty between 2/28/1961 and 5/7/1975
  2. Honorable Discharge
  3. Home of record was the town of Medfield during this service period.

Vietnam Memorial Name Updates

This document (PDF) shows the current names on the Vietnam Memorial along with the proposed additions. As newer corrections are discovered this display will be updated.

Engraving Prior to 2015 Memorial Day Ceremony

Hopefully the engraving will be complete prior to the 2015 Memorial Day Ceremony