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Wednesday Summer Suppers - 4:30-7 PM 

Enjoy a wonderful evening during the summer with good music, a supper you do not have to cook, great conversation and a lot of fun. Pre-registration is required and cost of the evening is $6/person.

July 14 — Entertainment TBD 

August 18 — Patrick Durkin 

September 15— Tune Timers Band

ROMEO and JULIET Outings 

JULIETS signup for Thursday July 8 for lunch at Lowell’s in Mendon. They offer outdoor seating! Bus leaves at 11:15 a.m. Space is limited.

 ROMEOS signup for a lunch trip to George’s in Mendon on Friday, July 16 for casual outside dining with many menu options. Bus leaves at 11:15 a.m. Space is limited.  

Fintastic Sharks and Rays 

Sharks and rays are ancient and amazing animals. How large were the teeth of the pre-historic megalodon shark? How does a shark find its food? Do sharks always need to keep swimming? What important roles do they play in our oceans? These animals are often portrayed negatively in the media, but what is it really like to be under water diving with them? Learn what makes sharks and rays such amazing animals through images from around the world, including great white, great hammerhead, tiger, lemon, whale sharks and manta rays. This is the season to learn about sharks. Joy Marzolf, who brought us wonderful zoom presentation in early spring will be here in person to talk about sharks and answer any questions you might have. Join us on Tuesday, July 20 at 2:30 p.m. in our large hall for this unique presentation on sharks. Call the Center at 508-359-3665 to register for this presentation.

Reptiles of New England and Beyond in Person 

Joy Marzolf will be visiting with her “friends” on Tuesday, August 31 from 2-3 p.m. Learn about reptiles from MA and beyond with fresh water turtles, lizards, alligators and snakes! What is the difference between a turtle and tortoise? Are there any local lizards? Are snakes really slimy? Learn about the amazing adaptations of reptiles that allow them to survive their habitats and how many of them are beneficial to us! This is a presentation with actual reptiles that you can observe. It will be so interesting to see these creatures in person. Sign up for this very different and unique opportunity by calling the Center at 508-359-3665.

Ice Cream Socials 

Wednesdays, July 7 and August 4 at 2:00 p.m. Enjoy a delicious old fashioned hot fudge sundae with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and walnuts (optional). Summer is a time for ice cream and it’s been a long time since we have indulged ourselves in the pleasures of an ice cream sundae. As always, it is important to sign up for these events so we know how much ice cream to buy!

Beach Day at Lake Pearl

Let’s take advantage of what is near to us. Sign up to enjoy a day at Sweatt Beach in Wrentham on Wednesday July 21. The bus will leave at 10:30 a.m. Pack a towel, a lunch, a chair, a book and have a relaxing afternoon sitting by the water. You may even decide to take a refreshing swim! The rain date for this trip is the following Wednesday (July 28).

Patriotic Music and Poetry 

A live stream concert from Fenway Park Featuring Red Sox Organist Josh Kantor and Poet Laureate Dick Flavin Attendance is virtual via Zoom Date: July 2 11:00 a.m. – noon. Join us in our hall for this event. Call the Center to sign up.

Lisa Donovan Meeting at Tilden Village

Lisa Donovan, Outreach Coordinator, will be available for individual appointments at Tilden Village on Tuesday, July 20 and August 17 at 2:00 p.m.

Aging and Memory Loss Road Map Education Series 

Are you or a loved one concerned about memory loss or dementia? Has someone you know recently been diagnosed with dementia? Did you know that you could participate in a clinical research trial? Sign up for these monthly webinars and learn from the experts from Mass General Brigham. For questions or to register call the Sherborn COA at 508-651-7858 or email coadirector@sherborn.org. Hosted by Sherborn, Dover, Natick and Medfield Council on Aging 

Tuesday, April 20 at 11–12 noon: Road Map to Dementia Diagnosis 

Tuesday, May 18 at 11-12 noon: Road Map to Research Participation 

Tuesday, June 15 at 11-12 noon: Road Map to Caregiving 

Tuesday, July 20 at 11-12 noon: Road Map to Prevention

Video Classes Available for Viewing in Your HOME!

We have many Great Courses available to loan you during your time at home. Learn something new from history to art and many topics in-between. Here are a few of the possibilities: The History of Ancient Egypt, Churchill, Great Masters: Beethoven, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The American Civil War, The Everyday Gourmet: Making Healthy Food Taste Great, Medical School for Everyone: Grand Rounds Class and so much more. Call us to borrow a course on a first come, first served basis.


Selectman Office Hours

Selectmen Peterson holds office hours each month. Simply call 508-359-9190 Friday, July 4, between 9—10 a.m. and Selectman Peterson will meet with you by phone!

How Would You Handle It? 

Everybody handles things differently. Someone who wins the lottery may give all the money away and someone else may splurge on him/herself. How would you handle winning a lot of money? Join us on ZOOM for a fun and interactive exploration of interesting scenarios that are presented to you to ignite your problem solving skills and to get you thinking about…”How would you handle it?” Bring your sense of adventure and creative ingenuity for a meeting of the minds! Please contact the Center to sign up for this program via Zoom on Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. Sign up with your email! 

Bagel and Bread Bonanza 

Every Wednesday between 12-1 p.m. visit the Center and pick up your favorite bread products from Blue Moon, Donut Express and Brother’s Market. Masks and social distancing are required.

The Virtual Club

Are you a caregiver looking for a few minutes to yourself? Our Virtual Club Program is on Wednesday from 11:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. Your loved one can join Kathy and Tricia for conversation, music, gardening talk, dog therapy and a variety of virtual activities. If you are interested in a short break, schedule an in-person CLUB hour for your loved one with Kathy and Tricia. Your loved one will enjoy real conversation, a stimulating environment and more importantly, an hour or more for your enjoyment! Call Kathy Powers at 508-359-3665 for more information.

Grab-and-Go Lunch - Wednesdays

Call Mondays to order your HESSCO Grab-N-Go Wednesday Lunch! Make your Wednesday lunch a “Grab N Stay” and enjoy your lunch on our beautiful patio!

July 7 — Chicken Salad 

July 14 — Turkey and Cheese 

July 21 — Seafood Salad 

JuLY 28 — Ham and Cheese 

August 4 — Chicken Salad 

August 11— Turkey and Cheese 

August 18 — Seafood Salad 

August 25 — Ham and Cheese 

Low Vision and Low Hearing

Low Vision Group Meeting

You are not alone in your vision challenges! Come share your successes and struggles and together we shall navigate the journey of life with low vision. Contact Lisa Marie Donovan, Outreach Coordinator at (508)359-3665 for information. 

Low Hearing Group

Hearing loss happens as we age. Contact Susan Bernstein, Volunteer Coordinator at 508)359-3665 for information on ways to manage your hearing loss. Learn strategies to maintain your quality of life and relationships. 

Book Clubs and Groups

Men’s Book Club 


Page Turners Book Group


Great Books Discussion


Movies at the COA


In July we will celebrate Meryl Streep and her 21 Oscar nominations that earned her 3 academy awards. She holds the record for the most Academy Award nominations of any actor. 

July 14 Sophie’s Choice (Best Actress) (1982) 

July 21 Kramer vs. Kramer (Best Supporting Actress)(1979) 

July 28 The Iron Lady (Best Actress) (2011) 


In August we will share the 3 Best Actor Award movies of Daniel Day-Lewis. He is the first and only actor to have 3 awards in that category and he retired from acting in 2017 at the age of 59. 

August 11 My Left Foot (Best Actor) (1989) 

August 18 There Will be Blood (Best Actor) (2007) 

August 25 Lincoln (Best Actor) (2012)



Check the calendar for shopping trips to Shaw’s, Market Basket, Roche Bros, Stop&Shop, Dollar Store, and Walgreens . Call the Center to sign up for our shopping and any programs or events held at the Center

Special Trips 

Sign Up For Our Fox Tour Trips (click link to view flyer online) 

(WAITLISTED) Thursday, August 5 - Narragansett Lighthouse Cruise with a full course luncheon at Quonset Point Officer’s Club. $99/person 

Saturday, September 25 — NYC Day Trip—Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and 9/11 Memorial. $109/person 

Tuesday, October 12— N.H. Turkey Train with lunch provided by Hart’s Turkey Farm. $99/person 

Sunday, December 5-7— Atlantic City & Radio City Christmas Spectacular Show with the world famous Rockettes. Check the flyer for pricing. 




It’s no secret that keeping the brain active is a key in lowering the risk of cognitive decline. Believe it or not, an invigorating round of BINGO is a great way to stretch those mental muscles. Join us at the Center on Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. for lively games of BINGO. FOSI has a recreational license, so the more people we have the bigger the prize! Medfield BINGO has a full size BINGO board and great callers. If you have never played before, keep in mind it is fun although sometimes frustrating. This is a social game that actually challenges your mind, especially with games like Top Hat, XMAS Tree and the Shopping Cart. Join us on Wednesday afternoons for a lively game of BINGO.


Mah Jongg - Mondays at 1:00 pm



If you are looking to add some activities to your day, check out the front page lineup of card games available to you. People tend to think that playing cards is just a leisurely activity to have with a friend. Card games are a way to meet new people and make new friendships, which helps with your quality of life and wards off loneliness. In general, playing cards provides health benefits that you do not even think about. The strategic card games like Bridge, Gin Rummy and Texas Hold-Em help sharpen cognitive functions by exercising your memory and concentration. There is even evidence that playing cards boosts the immune system! We can’t forget that shuffling and holding cards helps exercise your reflexes and hand-eye-coordination. So, if you’re not playing cards, maybe you should consider one of our games. Beginners are welcome, because everyone was a beginner at one point!

Hand N Foot - Mondays at 10:00 am

3-Thirteen - Mondays at 12:00 pm

Pokeno - Mondays at 1:15 pm

Hanna Adams Bridge - Mondays at 7:00pm

Duplicate Bridge - Tuesdays at 12:00 pm

SCAT - Wednesdays at 11:30 am

Cribbage - Wednesday's at 12:30 pm

Whist - Wednesdays at 12:30 pm,

Canasta - Thursday's at 11:30 pm

Poker - Thursdays at 1:00 pm

Hand N Foot - Fridays at 10:00 am

Other Games and Groups

Quilting - Mondays at 9:30 am

Ping Pong - Tuesdays at 11:00am

Fit to Knit - Wednesdays at 2:00 pm

Woodcarving - Thursdays at 9:00 am

Coffee and Conversation - Fridays at 10:00 pm


*To access any of these programs simply dial 1-978-990-5000 and then your Access Code 859729. We look forward to sharing these activities with you in hopes of adding to your day in the safest way possible.Lisa Donovan, Outreach Coordinator, will be available for individual appointments at Tilden Village on Tuesday, July 20 and August 17 at 2:00 p.m.